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1. Generates Reports
2. Reports are Interactive and Smart
3. Client Confidentiality
4. Client Information Persists
5. Simple Approach
6. Assessment of Personality Type
7. Journal Feature

Generates Reports
TypeFocusTM Careers generates personalized, interactive and easy-to-use reports. These reports are all based on the wealth of research available on personality type.

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The Reports are Interactive and Smart
Clients work with the program - personalizing their reports. The program remembers the client's input and brings this information from one section into the next.
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All Client Information is Confidential
Each client's record is protected by their own password - which they personally set.
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Client Information Persists
Depending on the application, a client's record can exist for years, thus allowing the client a longitudinal approach to their career planning.
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Simple Approach - In-depth Analysis
We wrote each report in a simple style. However, additional information in the form of over 70 help files and hundreds of external links give the user an almost unlimited ability to go as deep as they want into any of the report topics. We call this the "layer-upon-layer" approach.
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Assessment of Personality Type
The online TypeFocusTM Personality Profile took over six years to develop. Our research proves that it is a reliable and valid indicator of personality type. Split-half reliabilities for each type factor range between 85-93%; correlation of each type factor to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator instrument ranges between 71-78%. Click
here for more information.
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Journal Feature
At any time the client can access their Journal (in the top blue banner button) to record their thoughts. Entries into the Journal are arranged by date.

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