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What does TypeFocusTM Careers do?

TypeFocusTM Careers assesses a client's personality type and automatically incorporates it into personalized reports. These reports offer insight into self-awareness that promotes wise decisions about important topics:

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How does the program work?

Each user sets up his/her own username and password, which allows our server to offer a totally confidential access to the program. Once the user identifies their personality type, the program remembers this information and builds it into the remaining sections. As the user works through the sections, information from one section can be automatically incorporated into the next section.

Besides saving information, the program is interactive. Users add their own information that is stored and automatically incorporated into their reports.

Eventually the user has a set of reports that form a holistic approach to self-awareness.

The program is flexible and easily allows users to re-assess their personality or change it so it fits with their self-perception.

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Appropriate Users

Users should be at least fifteen years old and fluent in English.

Users with English as a second language (ESL) may need assistance to complete the questionnaire. If comprehension is an issue, the results may be unreliable.

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