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"Ball State University has subscribed to TypeFocus since September 2002. When students schedule an appointment to discuss career options, we encourage them to complete the assessment and bring the results with them. With that information we can tailor the advising session much more closely to the students needs and interests. TypeFocus has been a valuable tool for us; it is an important service we offer our students.
Our students really like TypeFocus. They find the information about playing up the strengths of their personality type in the job search especially helpful."

Joseph P. Goodwin, Assistant Director, Ball State University Career Center

"As you know, I am one of your biggest fans of TypeFocus. Auburn University has been using TypeFocus for over seven years and have found it a great assessment tool that is true to Type assessment, highly correlated with MB, which we also use, and most importantly, very user friendly and popular with our students.
Overall, both faculty and students have high praise for TypeFocus. We also use TypeFocus with very large classes because it is so much easier to administer and interpret by using your website as the teaching tool. Also, with its rich database and easy to use administration functions, we are using TypeFocus to explore and support the effectiveness of our classes and counseling interventions. Overall, the counselors in Career Development Services at Auburn University have been very pleased with the effectiveness and utility of TypeFocus and can highly recommend TypeFocus to other colleges and universities."

Jack Walls, Career Counselor, Career Development Services, Auburn University

"Over 13,000 students since 2000 have used the TypeFocus assessment at Louisiana State University to gain greater awareness about themselves as they make important decisions about college majors and careers. TypeFocus is the hallmark of a career decision-making program we developed that has been used with individuals and in groups.
This summer we will be using TypeFocus in a pilot program for undecided freshmen entering LSU and expect that the results will positively impact retention. Research has been conducted at LSU that indicates TypeFocus does indeed make a significant difference in the stability of choice of college major. The quality of this assessment and its supporting materials, the outstanding customer service, and the very reasonable cost are second to none!"

Mary D. Feduccia, Ph.D Director & Associate Dean of Students, Louisiana State University Career Services

"I love using the TypeFocus program in my career counseling. Most career assessments do not take things to this personal level - they focus mostly on aptitudes and not personality style.
I am a certified type practitioner. The TypeFocus program fits our needs perfectly - our students love it!"

Shawn Johnson, Director Career Services, Edgewood College

"We have been using TypeFocus here at Castleton for several years. It is user-friendly, accurate and the price is right! We use TypeFocus with all levels of students and with Alums as well.
I have enjoyed a wonderful, professionally supportive relationship with TypeFocus for many years. I recommend their product to all."

Judith Carruthers, Director of Career Development, Castleton State College

"TypeFocus has allowed us to offer a convenient and cost effective personality assessment to student groups and classes. The ease of administering and scoring the assessment combined with the allowance of unlimited users allows us to provide a valuable service to our students and staff that might not otherwise be possible."

Stephanie Kit, Associate Director, Career Services, University of Tennessee

"Thank you so much for all you have done! I like doing business with you. You are professional, accountable and someone I can always depend on. Those are the kinds of qualities I look for in business partners.
I think TypeFocus is great. Our students are using it and learning a lot about themselves and what they could do with their careers. I'm very proud to have been the one to introduce it to SDSU Career Services.
Thank you for everything!"

Bobbie Gray, Career Counselor, San Diego State University

"I enjoy using the TypeFocus program with my senior students and have done so since 2000. The program allows for enriched discussions about personality and how this can be used in considering career choices."

Patricia Daniells, Reynolds Secondary School

"I am extremely impressed with the kindness and time you gave me on the phone training. Absolutely wonderful!!"

Arlette (high school in Alberta)

Community Career Centers
"It is extremely invaluable for clients who are hoping to access Government funding for school."

Sandra Day, Counselor, Community Career Office (Canada)

"As an employment counsellor, I appreciate the thoughtfulness behind TypeFocus. Through this career exploration model, Typefocus offers a clear assessment for a complicated process. TypeFocus navigates an individual through a career path, that begins with knowing oneself, with a deep understanding that this is where people will most experience success!"

Patricia Rawson, Employment Strategist, Kootenay Career Development Society

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