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Mission Statement

TypeFocusTM Internet Inc. helps people enrich their lives through the power of self-discovery using personality type insights. We bring this information into practical applications by providing online personality assessments and personalized reports at affordable prices. Through our program, people gain a deeper understanding of themselves and use that knowledge to develop better relationships, choose more satisfying careers and become more effective.


We value synergy, service, and self-awareness. We believe this program can make a positive difference in the lives of our clients.

Company History

David J. Wood, BA, MA, MPA, president of TypeFocusTM Internet Inc., has been a consultant and educator since 1970 (trained at the graduate level in psychometrics), and a qualified type practitioner since 1988.

He has been a psychology instructor at college, hospital administrator, and the principal of a training company devoted to personal and organizational effectiveness. Working as a consultant/counselor, he became increasingly convinced about the value of self-awareness in people's lives. He discovered that the best model for understanding oneself was based on Carl Jung's theories in the area of personality type development.

Mr. Wood spent six years developing the TypeFocusTM Personality Profile, which led to starting TypeFocusTM Internet Inc. in 1997.


At TypeFocusTM Internet Inc., we've worked hard to develop products that are helpful and encouraging to people in their journey through life. We hope that people will enjoy the process of self-discovery as they work through our programs.

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